Danger on the Atlantic (Jane Wunderly #3) by Erica Ruth Neubauer #CozyMystery #BookReview

For young American widow Jane Wunderly, there are worse fates than adventuring aboard a transatlantic liner with the only man who could change her mind about romance. Unfortunately, her first-class itinerary has an unexpected–and deadly–addition waiting just below deck . . . Atlantic Ocean, 1926: Voyaging from Southampton to New York, self-reliant Jane is determined to prove herself a worthy investigator on the stately ship–even awkwardly going undercover as the fashionable wife of her magnetic partner, Mr. Redvers. Few details are known about the rumored German spy the duo have been tasked with identifying among fellow passengers, but new troubles unfold once wealthy newlywed Vanessa FitzSimmons announces the sudden disappearance of her husband at sea . . . Miles Van de Meter, the man Vanessa rushed to marry in Monte Carlo, has allegedly vanished into thin air along with his luggage. Redvers guesses the shifty heiress may be weaving tall tales for fun between flutes of champagne, yet Jane isn’t convinced–not after the stunning murder of a trusted acquaintance sends them into uncharted waters. Facing two dangerous mysteries and a boat load of suspects, Jane must navigate a claustrophobic quest for answers before the culprits can slip from her grasp on land . . . or, worse, ensure she and Redvers never reach their destination

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It’s 1926, and Jane Wunderly is traveling home from Europe on the Olympia. Along with her is Redvers, her fiance’, posing as man and wife, whose employer wants them to track down a German spy on board. Then Jane meets Vanessa, whose husband has disappeared off the ship, although Jane is the only one who has seen him. All his things have disappeared and Vanessa’s room is switched. It appears she’s being gaslighted ages before it became popular to do so. Can Jane solve both mysteries? Of course she can, she’s already solved two other mysteries, although you don’t have to have read the prior volumes in order to enjoy this mystery.

For much of the book, Redvers and Jane separate to track down clues, and meet up to trade information. No real progress is made, until suddenly, within the last 30 pages or so, the pieces all seem to fit together for both mysteries. I enjoy Jane and Redvers’ relationship because it’s very mature and mutually beneficial; he takes her sleuthing very seriously, obviously, if he convinced his bosses to let her investigate with him.

Now that I’m all caught up on the Jane Wunderly mysteries, I’ll have to wait until the next volume comes out later this year.

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