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Aly Jackson has waited her whole life to become editor in chief of All Good magazine. But six months into the job, she overhears her coworkers belittling her. Aly’s clapback? A very public, career-jeopardizing meltdown. To undo the mess, she agrees to a monthlong unpaid leave.

Reluctant but determined to turn misfortune into opportunity, Aly retreats to the Lake Michigan beach house her brother, Luke, left to her when he died nearly a year earlier. Except when Aly arrives, she discovers Luke’s slacker best friend, Wyatt, inherited the place, too.

Wyatt is unkempt, unmotivated, and totally uninterested in Aly’s desire to sell. Yet as battle lines are drawn, Aly wonders whether she and this wild card have more than Luke in common. But is she willing to swap her lifelong dreams for a shot at healing her broken heart?

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Good For You was my Amazon First Reads book for February, but as happens many times, I didn’t get a chance to read it right away. The good thing about First Reads books that you’ve “bought” for free is that adding the Audible narration usually only costs $1.99 and you receive it on the first day of the following month, when the book is released to the general public. That’s what I did for this selection.

Trigger warning: there’s talk of childhood abuse and the author even mentions it in the forward.

Aly’s brother died about a year before, and she’s just finally had time to visit his vacation home. She has the time because she had an epic meltdown at work after she overheard her employees talking about her. Funny thing is, she blacked out her meltdown, something that has happened from time to time throughout her life. It’s a mechanism sufferers of PTSD use to forget the pain caused. In Aly’s case, she had an abusive childhood, yet she’s never dealt with those feelings, hence the blackout when she got upset.

Wyatt was Aly’s brother’s best friend, and left him executor of the estate, as well as half of his house. This surprises Aly when she finds him living there, and realizes someone had to be taking care of the estate because she sure didn’t. She wants to sell the house because she’s in financial straits, but Wyatt doesn’t want to sell the house. He works out an agreement to pay her part of the estate while she’s on unpaid leave. She’s determined to get him to sell the house.

Of course, this is sort of an enemies-to-lovers trope, or maybe friends-to-lovers because they knew each other before Aly’s brother died. The journey there is filled with all sorts of emotions, and the unexpected ending was a pleasant surprise. I’d read this author’s work again.

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