The Heist (To Catch a Leopard #3) by C.W. Gortner and M.J. Rose #BookReview #AudiobookReview

A year after THE BAIT, Ania Throne is on the prowl. Gone into hiding, she’s planned her next move to perfection, intent on winning her dangerous game of cat-against-cat with the Leopard. But Ania doesn’t know that even the best-laid heists have hidden flaws.

Jerome Curtis has taken a job at a Hollywood movie studio to try and put his life back together. When a familiar face from the past shows up unexpectedly, Jerome realizes that much as he’s tried to forget her, there’s no escaping Ania. And this time, what she’s about to do could be her doom.

The heist is on. Jerome must join with Ania again to bring down the mastermind thief who’s dead-set on not getting caught. Passion and vengeance collide as father and daughter bait each other in a high-stakes gambit, with Jerome caught in the middle. Because no matter how much Ania has tried to keep her lover safe, she’s only brought him back into the center of her ploy— and the Leopard intends to take full advantage of it.

From the glamour of late 1950s Hollywood to a desperate chase in the ravines of Los Angeles, two leopards must hunt each other to the end. And only one of them can bring down its prey.

The Heist (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Audible) (AbeBooks) is the final volume in the trilogy of To Catch a Leopard series of novellas by C.W. Gortner and M.J. Rose. I really liked the first two volumes, would the final installment be as good as the first two?

First off, my reviews for the first two books can be found here:

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The Bait (To Catch a Leopard #2) by C.W. Gortner and M.J. Rose #2022Books #Novella

This Hitchcock-like series comes to a satisfying conclusion with The Heist. First off, I loved moving the setting to Hollywood in the days before the 1960 Oscars. Jerome is hired as head of security for a small studio, who have a great chance of getting an Academy Award nod despite the fact that this is the year of Ben Hur.

Anna has been in hiding for the past year, planning her next move against The Leopard, the infamous jewel thief that just so happens to be her father, too. Her plan to trap him has inadvertently pulled Jerome into the scheme, and things did not end well the last time they saw each other.

The fact that this is a novella means the action is brisk and often, and this heist story with a dash of romance thrown in is just the thing. Considering the fact that each novella is around 200 pages, it’s not a great investment to read the trilogy, which I think is worth your while.

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