The Bait (To Catch a Leopard #2) by C.W. Gortner and M.J. Rose #2022Books #Novella

A year after THE STEAL, Ania Throne is determined to take back what the Leopard stole from her. Together with her lover and partner, Jerome, she stages a spectacular heist during the Venetian Carnival, to lure out the treacherous mastermind they unmasked. She’s willing to risk it all—until her revenge takes a dangerous twist that could cost her what she loves the most.

Jerome Curtis has given up everything for Ania. She needs his help and he’s fallen head over heels for the world’s most eligible jewelry designer. But when their daring scheme to catch the thief who escaped turns on them, he’s targeted for a crime he never wanted to commit—and he has to find a way out fast.

From a glamorous costume gala to the winter canals of Venice, Ania and Jerome must confront the choices they’ve made and bait a new trap to catch the Leopard, before the Leopard springs his trap on them. This time, the stakes are personal, but with more than diamonds on the line, can they escape the bait or will it separate them forever?

The Bait (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) ( (AbeBooks) is the follow-up novella to #TheSteal by #CWGortner and #MJRose which I was able to read as an Advanced Reader’s Copy in 2021. I finally got around to reading the next installment of the series.

The Bait is the follow up novella to The Steal and is set a year later, in 1958. Jewelry designer Ania Thorne and Jerome Curtis, a former insurance investigator are in Venice, hot on the trail of infamous cat burglar The Leopard, who also happens to be Ania’s father. So far he has outwitted not only the both of them, but authorities in several countries as well.

Jerome’s got a lot of baggage from World War II since he helped liberate the concentration camps as an American G.I. He’s enjoying spending time with Ania, yet he gave up his job and is just following her around like a lovesick puppy. Venice seems like a great place to be during Carnival time, with all the world’s rich and famous descending upon the city with all their jewels. It’s a no-brainer that both Jerome and Ania expect The Leopard to be watching, if not waiting for a chance to strike.

Ania is hiding something from Jerome, and he knows it. Told from dual perspectives, it’s interesting to read their interactions from each other’s point of view. Ania is willing to strain their relationship in order to trap her father, The Leopard, who leaves an animal print glove at the scene of all his heists. The Bait still follows up on all the Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief vibes that the first book gave off, so I enjoyed the exchanges between the two characters.

The next book, The Heist, takes place in 1959-60, in London and Hollywood. Nothing like bringing a little tinsel town inspiration to the series. I can’t wait!

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