Blog Update: Celebrating 500 Posts!

Today marks the 500th post on Bargain Sleuth Book Reviews! Who would have thought when I started this blog during the pandemic that the pandemic, and this blog, would still be going strong nearly two years later?

Want to know what my most popular post is? The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. For some reason, it seems like every day, at least a couple of people view the post, which surprises me because I did not give it five stars. Really, I thought I was quite brutal in my assessment. I wonder what keywords I used to make this post more viewable than others. The rest of my more popular posts are my reviews of the Nancy Drew Mysteries. Don’t worry, I’ll still be reading through my Nancy Drew collection and may even get crazy and start reading another series like the Hardy Boys, which I’ve never read but have collected the OT (Original Text) and RT (Revised Text). Or Trixie Belden, which I also read, but not the whole series (I do now own the whole series) or the Laura Ingalls Wilder Books. I’ve also got almost the whole collection of the Junior Deluxe Editions that I had a few of growing up, so I decided to try and complete the collection. It’s as complete as I’m going to make it due to storage issues.

Some other things have changed since I started blogging: added responsibilities and a promotion at work, cutting down on my blogging time but increasing my listening of audiobooks, and the illness last summer of my mother, which slowed my blogging down to a crawl. Now on my days off I spend time with Mom, who is doing much better in some respects, but not so in others.

What hasn’t changed? My love of reading and wanting to share my insights with other book lovers. I may not be blogging every day anymore, but I fully expect to be continue to share my book and audiobook reviews in the months and years to come. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Here’s to 500 more!


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