Blog Update: What’s Up in My World

If you follow the blog, then you may have noticed my absence the last three weeks. With the exception of two Instagram posts, I haven’t shared anything here since the Olympics were still going on. Let me tell you, a LOT has been going on here at Bargain Sleuth Central.

On August 8, my mother was hospitalized for the first time in almost 50 years. The doctors and nurses were so confused because the only records they had on my mom from anywhere were from 48 years ago. Three weeks after I was born she had a hysterectomy. And besides a thorough check up at Mayo Clinic in about 1992, my mom hasn’t seen a doctor, the tough Belgian lady that she is. We were always raised to be tough and not go to the doctor unless we were bleeding, and sometimes not even then. My parents’ parents were the same way. But something went terribly wrong.

It turns out she had a gall bladder infection, and the doctors discovered an atrial fibrillation of her heart, making surgery impossible. She spent almost a week in the hospital including some time in ICU, and then was sent home because she did not want to go into a nursing home for recuperative care.

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So my brothers and sisters and I spent about a week and a half setting mom up with everything she needs in her home and from visiting occupational therapists, nurses and the like. I visit her daily since I’m the only child that’s local and help her drain her gall bladder drainage port and change her dressing (Yuck. I absolutely applaud nurses, because I was never cut out to be one. My hats off to those that do the much-needed work).The earliest she’ll have surgery is November for her gall bladder, but we won’t know more until her appointment with the electro physiologist on Monday, who specializes in Afib.

To top that all off, we are trying to get my intellectually disabled sister into a disability-assisted apartment of her own, because this family crisis just brought home the fact she needs to learn to live on her own sooner rather than later. She’s 60 years old and has always lived at home. She’s already said there’s no way she could take care of Mom’s house if she died. Renee’ has never lived on her own, but she’s always been able to hold down a 40-hour week job. Since I’m the only local child in town besides her, it’s up to me to help her fill out the housing forms and ask questions of the disability resource center.

Also (as if that wasn’t enough), I’m smack dab in the middle of prepping everything for the Autism Society of America’s local walk, which is September 19. Somehow I’ve got to find the time to get that work done.

And oh, by the way, did I mention that I got promoted last week? Of course, I was looking for a position within the company at a higher level that offered health care benefits for some time, because our state pandemic assistance insurance is going to expire at the end of the year. The position is basically a hybrid of what I’ve been doing, as well as taking on some responsibilities of the person who left’s position. So I’m now working 34 hours a week. I do have to say that the bosses have been great about me working inconsistent hours due to all of Mom’s doctor’s appointments. I really like where I work and hope to stay with the organization a long time.

Last weekend we moved our oldest daughter across the state to the state university of her choice. We wish she would have chosen our local state university, but sadly, they didn’t offer her major. Besides, this daughter of ours was READY to get out and experience more of the world. She chose to move in early and is excited to be part of a collegiate track team.

I hate driving on unfamiliar roads, and I had a death grip on my steering wheel that weekend, for a total of 10 hours, it turns out. So I’ve developed a little carpal tunnel in my right hand because of it. Another reason to limit my limited time on the computer.

School starts this week (senior year for my son, eighth grade for our middle daughter, and sixth grade for our youngest daughter), and my husband, who lost his job shortly before the world shutdown in March 2020 , ran out of unemployment benefits the same month he turned full retirement age. So he retired, sort of. This week he starts a part-time consulting position, working remote 10-15 hours a week. Yay!

So, not a lot going on around here this past month. 😉 I’ve read a couple of ARCs and posted one yesterday, and hope to post a few more in the next few weeks. I’ve also listened to a TON of audio books at work. I really miss blogging and the book blogging community, so I’m hoping to pop in once in a while with reviews.

Tell me what’s up in your world? Anything exciting? I could use some excitement around here. Just kidding.


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