Three Bookish Things #BookTag

I saw this tag over at Becky’s Book Blog and thought I’d try it. If you haven’t visited Becky’s blog I highly recommend it. Lots of great content over there.

3 Read Once and Loved Authors.

My new favorite is Beth O’Leary. I read The Flatshare and The Switch last year and loved both the books. I can’t wait for her next book to be released later this year. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Elizabeth Peters. The Amelia Peabody Emerson mysteries are some of my favorites. I’ve always loved Egyptology and the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and these cozy mysteries are pure comfort food to me. Elizabeth Peters also wrote the Vicky Bliss mysteries which are contemporary mysteries (at least they were when they were written) as well as many stand-alone mysteries.

Laurie R. King is also an author with which I had an instant love the first time I was introduced to her Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes mysteries. I just reviewed the latest in the series, #NetGalley #ARCReview: Castle Shade (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes #17) by Laurie R. King, which comes out in June. King really knows how to pull the reader in with her vivid descriptions of settings.

3 Titles I’ve Watched but Not Read.

I absolutely adored Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series on PBS and bought the series on DVD, and even though I have the first few books on my Kindle, I have not read the books yet.

3 Series I have Binged.

Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache mysteries. I plowed through the first nine books in a matter of a few weeks.

3 Characters I love

I love Maggie Hope and her half American/half British sensibilities. The mysteries are set during World War II, but Maggie very much has 21st century feminist beliefs, which leads to all sorts of complications.

3 Current Favourite Covers.

I love the covers from the Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It’s what compelled me to buy them when they were on sale, even though I found the stories just okay. I was looking to branch out from my normal reading.

3 Weirdest things I’ve used for bookmarks.

I used to be a big couponer, and more than once, I’ve found old coupons in my cookbooks marking recipes. Other than that, I use the hold slips the library puts in books because they are blank except for my initials and the last 3 digits of my library card number. That leaves a lot of space for me to write notes that I use to help write my reviews.

3 Favourite Authors

Besides the authors mentioned above, I really enjoy books by historians like David McCullough, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Ron Chernow and H.W. Brands. The history they write is not dry and boring like a textbook. Their prose brings events and people to life. The authors have also appeared in countless documentaries about United States history and they are all very well-spoken, too. That’s not always the case with academics.

3 Unpopular Bookish Opinions.

With the exception of my children’s series books like Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Bobbsey Twins and American Girl books, I now prefer to have ebooks over physical copies. I have been decluttering the house for several years, and besides clothes, thousands of books have been donated to various charities and schools. A lifetime of collecting books simply became too much. I simply could not breathe with so much clutter. I still have too many books for our eventual downsizing when the kids move out of the house, and I have been slowly buying the ebooks or audiobooks of the titles I wish to keep.

3 Book Goals For the Year.

I signed up for four reading challenges this year and have been doing quite well with three of them. Click here to see how I’m doing so far.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but feel free to join in an link back to me so I can read your answers!

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  1. This is a cool tag! As much as I love physical copies I feel like I also like to read a lot of ebooks too! That and getting physical copies from the library. I love my shelves but I think adding another shelf would be too much for me.

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