#BookBloggerHop: Do you read a book based on the cover?

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books With Jennifer’s permission, Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer relaunched the hop. Each week there will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question.


Does the cover of a book affect whether you are more willing to read it? (submitted by Julie @ JadeSky)

I used to think that I was immune to the covers of books, but since I’ve started blogging, there have been some books that I picked up just because they had such a pretty cover, even though the description of the book was not necessarily in my wheelhouse. From Blood and Ash comes to mind immediately, and The Inheritance Games. I found the covers better than the books themselves

On the other hand, I’ve had the opposite happen. Really horrible cover art turns out to be a wonderful book. There have been many books that don’t look appealing, but are actually quite charming books.

What about you? Does the cover of a book suck you in?


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