Marine Corps Toys for Tots Wish List

When the kids were younger, I created a gift closet. Essentially, what I’d do was shop at stores throughout the year and buy toys when they were on clearance, at least 30% off. If the kids got invited to a birthday party, instead of rushing out and buying something full price for someone else’s kid (I don’t even pay full price for stuff for my own kids), I’d just go through the gift closet and pick out a toy. At the end of the year, I’d have a huge amount of toys (I am called the Bargain Sleuth, after all), and I’d take them to the yearly Toys for Tots drop off at one of our local TV stations. The toys usually filled up the back of the SUV or minivan. And I’d repeat the process every year.

But all that’s changed now. I don’t browse anymore because of Covid, my kids are older and don’t really play with “toys” and as kids get older, there are fewer birthday parties, so there’s no need to buy so many. The past few years, I’ve donated toys leftover and forgotten (but still new) out of our bomb shelter, as well as make monetary contributions to Toys for Tots because it’s a program I believe in.

This year, I’m back to buying toys because Amazon has made it so easy. They have Charity Wish Lists, and Toys for Tots is on there. So if you want to support Toys for Tots but not make that extra trip to the store, for whatever reason, you can simply use the Marine Toys For Tots 2020 Wish List found by clicking here, and you can purchase toys for this worthwhile charity. Easy Peasy.

Toys for Tots is not the only charity we support during the holiday season, and this year, with my husband out of work for ten months, our charitable giving has gone down considerably, but we believe in giving back because despite it all, we are so blessed to have a roof over our head, food in the fridge and pantry, and four healthy kids.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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