Meghan and Harry: The Real Story by Lady Colin Campbell

I haven’t seen a People magazine in months since I can’t sit in the waiting room of my son’s Autism social skills class like I normally do. I needed a fix on the British royal family and Meghan and Harry: The Real Story was on sale on Kindle a while back, so I decided to give it a try, even though I’d already read the most assuredly approved by Meghan and Harry book, Finding Freedom. (Click here to read my review).

As I listened to the audio version of Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, I couldn’t decide what on earth Lady Colin Campbell was trying to accomplish. One moment she portrays Meghan as a scheming, back-stabbing shrew, and the next she’s complimenting her for being a strong woman who always speaks out when she sees injustice. One thing’s for sure: Lady Colin does not like Harry because she has very little good to say about him.

Meghan and Harry: The Real Story is rather disjointed, considering the fact that Lady Colin has written many books on the royal family. You’d think the editors would have found a way to reign her in. The book jumps around so it’s not chronological nor thematic, unless the theme is that Harry and Meghan are awful, selfish people who don’t deserve any happiness now that they’ve left the royal family.

Even though her title is Lady, the author is nothing of the sort with the sort of bile she espouses in this book. She seems to side with Donald Trump a lot when mentioning the times Meghan has spoken out against him. And she also seems to heap praise on Meghan’s white family, claiming they’ve just been misunderstood in the press, sort of a reverse racism, she says. Lady Colin’s description of Meghan never experiencing racism growing up smacks of racism itself.

Lady Colin also seems to spend a lot of time disparaging Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana. As she recounts it, it was she, Lady Colin, who first worked with Diana to get her side of her story out in the press, but when she wouldn’t write the most flattering book, Diana cut her off. Lady Colin’s book came out without much fuss (and she’s updated it several times since Diana’s death), and several months later Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton came out and became a blockbuster bestseller. So she’s got a serious case of sour grapes against Diana.

While I generally enjoy any sort of gossip about the royal family, this was just a trashy, salacious romp into the lives of Meghan and Harry. If you’re desperate for something that smacks of the Daily Mail, this book is for you.

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