Music Monday: Letters From War by Mark Schultz

Music Monday is a meme that was created by Drew from The Tattooed Book Geek.  I saw it at Carrie’s Book Reviews and _For Book’s Sake. You pick a song and/or video and share it on Mondays to change things up a little.

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It was Veteran’s Day last week, and I have three brothers, a slew of cousins, and many friends (and recently, a nephew joined the Marines) who have served our country. This song is for them.

About a year after I got married, my husband and I were watching the Dove Awards (that’s the Christian music industry’s awards show that used to be broadcast on cable). I was lamenting the fact that I loved all these young female Christian singers, but hadn’t found a male singer that spoke to me. Then, a new artist took to the stage: it was Mark Schultz, and I was an instant fan.

with Mark Schultz and my daughters after his 2017 holiday concert

I’ve seen Mark Schultz in concert every time he makes his way to northeastern Wisconsin (about every three years), and one time, made it a girls’ night with my three girls while my husband and son went to an arena football game. Schultz has written so many songs that aren’t inherently “God”-centered, I find he’s just a wonderful storyteller. My favorite of his songs is “Letters From War” which, as he tells in concert, he was honored to perform the song at the Pentagon when the higher ups heard about it.

I didn’t even know that there’s a Letters From War novel (Amazon) (AbeBooks) based on the song until I was looking up this video! I’ll have to get it as a Christmas present to myself. You can find the song on The Best of Mark Schultz, or Live: A Night of Stories & Songs where he tells the story of performing for the Pentagon.

She walked to the mailbox
On that bright summers day
Found a letter from her son
In a war, far away

He spoke of the weather
And good friends that he’d made
Said, ” I’d been thinking ’bout dad
And the life that he had that’s why, I’m here today”
And then in the end he said, “You are what I’m fighting for”
It was the first of his letters from war

She started writing
You’re good and you’re brave
What a father that you’ll be someday
Make it home, make it safe
She wrote every night as she prayed

Late in December
A day, she’ll not forget
Oh, her tears stained the paper
With every word that she read

It said, “I was up on a hill, I was out there alone
When the shots all rang out and bombs were exploding
That’s when I saw him, he came back for me
And though he was captured a man set me free
And that man was your son, he asked me to write to you
I told him, I would, Oh, I swore”
It was the last of the letters from war

And she prayed, he was living, kept on believing
And wrote every night just to say
You are good and you’re brave
What a father that you’ll be someday
Make it home, make it safe
Still she kept writing each day

Then two years later
Autumn leaves, all around
A car pulled in the driveway
And she fell to the ground
And out stepped a captain
Where her boy used to stand

He said, “Mom, I’m followin’ orders
From all of your letters and I’ve come home again”
He ran into hold her, dropped all his bags on the floor
Holdin’ all of her letters from war

Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home

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Just a reminder I’m giving away a $10 Amazon eGift Card. Click here to read more and to enter!

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