James Bond Books and Movies on Sale

I have fond memories of watching the beginnings of James Bond films and being sent to bed before they were over, so it was years before I saw the endings! I loved the movies, currently own all the movies, and mourn the passing of the original James Bond, Sean Connery. I loved him not only for his work in the series, but his body of work. One of my favorite actors.

When I was a teenager and could rent the movies from Blockbuster, am I aging myself when I say that? :-), I gravitated towards the James Bond movies again, and decided Sean Connery was, is, and always will be the best Bond. And I started checking the books out of the library because I’d read that President Kennedy was a fan of the books. Now I’m a fan of the books and love to compare the books to the movies.

Here are some current deals on the beloved James Bond books and movies. RIP Sean Connery.

Casino Royale: James Bond 007 $3.00 on Kindle, Sean Connery returned as Bond for a Bond film that was not part of the franchise, Never Say Never Again. You can Stream it here for $3.99 It’s out-of-print on DVD and has never been on Blu Ray. Several years ago I ended up buying a Sean Connery box set with several other movies in order to get it.

Diamonds are Forever: (James Bond #4) $.99 on Kindle, Stream on Amazon Prime Video for $3.99 or buy the DVD for $6.46

From Russia with Love (James Bond (Original Series) $.99 on Kindle Stream on Amazon Prime Video for as low as $3.99 or buy the DVD for $5.05

Goldfinger (James Bond #7) $.99 on Kindle, Stream on Amazon Prime Video for as low as $3.99, or buy the DVD for $5.20

Dr. No (James Bond #6) $3.00 on Kindle, Stream on Amazon Prime Video for as low as $3.99, or buy the Blu Ray for $8.13

Thunderball, James Bond Book #9 is on Kindle for $3.00, or you can Stream it on Amazon Prime Video for as low as $3.99, or get the Blu Ray for as low as $5.32.

You Only Live Twice (James Bond #12) on Kindle for $2.99, FREE to stream on Amazon Prime Video, and the DVD as low as $5.06.

Of course, those are just the James Bond books that were turned into movies starring Sean Connery. If you’re interested in more James Bond books, click here.

I’ll be pulling out some Sean Connery movies to watch this week to honor his great work, like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or The Untouchables, for which Sean Connery won an Academy Award, and one I just picked up Medicine Man about a month ago for $3. He did so much great work for so many years, it’s hard to choose. For more Sean Connery movies, click here.

Amazon’s prices fluctuate so prices could change at any time.

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