Mystery of the Midnight Rider (Nancy Drew Diaries #3) by Carolyn Keene

I’m re-reading my original Nancy Drew Mysteries book collection, and trading off and reading the newer series as well. This is my review for the third book in the Nancy Drew Diaries series, c

In Mystery of the Midnight Rider, Nancy’s boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, takes her to a horse show where his friend Payton is competing in show jumping. At stake are a hefty prize for the winner, plus the possibility of an Olympic tryout.  It is so highly sought after that some people would do anything to win, or make someone lose. Funny things have been happening at Payton’s stable, and to Payton’s horse, Midnight, and Ned offers Nancy up to help solve the mystery.


Nancy gets her pals Bess and George involved in the case, tracking down leads and compiling clues. Ned, meanwhile, is trying to figure out plans for his and Nancy’s anniversary.  I was glad to read that Nancy was not a natural horsewoman and had only a little contact with the sport. As a child, the Nancy Drew I read was an expert on just about everything, from horse riding to ballet. Mystery of the Midnight Rider  shows Nancy is not always perfect and has flaws, making her more relatable to young boys and girls.

I don’t know if kids will see the ending coming a mile away, but I figured it out early on in the book, when Ned’s family has a barbecue for Payton and a note warning her she had better lose the competition was found in the Nickerson’s charcoal grill. Who could have put the note there?  Who could have tampered with Payton’s horse’s feed? Who cut up Payton’s saddle? Who left the threatening note on Payton’s parent’s car? The list of suspects grows as the mystery goes on.

Nancy eventually figures it out with a rather obvious clue, and all is right in Payton’s world again. And Ned and Nancy do find time to celebrate their anniversary. Time for another mystery to solve!

Now I know for sure I’m going to pick up the Nancy Drew Diaries 90th Anniversary Collection which features the first ten Nancy Drew Diaries with different artwork and comes in an attractive slipcase. I’m not a big fan of the original artwork because I think it makes Nancy appear more juvenile. This artwork is gorgeous!


For more information about my favorite sleuth, check out Jenn Fisher’s Unofficial Nancy Drew website, which has a wealth of information.

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