Touched by the Sun: My Friendship with Jackie by Carly Simon

The instant New York Times bestseller – Named one of the ten best books of 2019 by People magazine.

From Goodreads: “Touched by the Sun: My Friendship with Jackie. A chance encounter at a summer party on Martha’s Vineyard blossomed into an improbable but enduring friendship.

Carly Simon and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis made an unlikely pair–Carly, a free and artistic spirit still reeling from her recent divorce, searching for meaning, new love, and an anchor; and Jackie, one of the most celebrated, meticulous, unknowable women in American history.”


Why do I keep reading celebrity memoirs? Okay, I admit it, I regularly read People magazine to get the latest celebrity gossip. And, I have a thing for the Kennedys so most new books about them fall under my radar.

All the other reviewers got Touched by the Sun: My Friendship with Jackie right. This is a shallow book that is rarely about Carly Simon’s friendship with Jacqueline Onassis. Simon talks just as much about her friendship with Mike Nichols. Let’s not forget all the other celebrities that spent time in Martha’s Vineyard that Carly got to hang out with while there, Carly knows them all, is beloved by all, and lets us know about it.

I was hoping for some insight on one of the world’s most reclusive public figures in Touched by the Sun: My Friendship with Jackie. How this was rated one of the top ten books on any list amazes me. Next time I’ll read the reviews before I waste my time.

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