Nancy Drew #3. The Bungalow Mystery

There are two different versions of The Bungalow Mystery: Original Text The Bungalow Mystery (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, Bk 3) and

the Revised Text The Bungalow Mystery (Revised Text); they are two different stories.

They have the same basic plot, but vastly different writing. The OT features a spunkier Nancy who takes more chances and at times, carries her dad’s revolver. The RT features a Nancy who is not afraid to take chances, but cautiously so. Also, in the revised text, the story does not flow naturally. At the beginning of the RT, we are given Nancy’s backstory inserted as paragraphs that seem out of place. The RT also has a secondary story that of course, ties in with Nancy’s mystery and makes it really contrived. The original text is better, if you can get past the stereotypes (in this book, it’s not African Americans who are disparaged like the first two books, but rather an overweight man, who, according to the author, was not jolly like most fat man tend to be).

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